Attending SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP) Workshops

I will have the pleasure to attend the SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP) Workshops held on September 10th to 12 in Maryland where I will show results of my latest project : “How well do momentum diagnostics explain extratropical stratospheric variability in reanalysis datasets?”.

The dynamical consistency of reanalysis data in terms of extratropical stratospheric variability is evaluated for 8 reanalysis datasets that include realistic stratosphere. The dynamical consistency is evaluated by computing the residue, which is the error in zonal wind tendency calculated from the resolved terms of the momentum equation…

I am looking forward to meet the S-RIP community at this meeting and exchange ideas about interesting diagnostics applicable to the inter-comparison of reanalysis datasets.

Zonal-mean data for the SPARC Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP)

I am pleased to share zonal-mean data with the SPARC community in the context of the Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP). 9 reanalysis data-sets are ready to serve on Charney (our computer) so why not share them with everybody?

My contribution will consist in sharing zonal-mean dynamical variables from the following reanalyses

ERA-40 [1]
ERA-Interim [2]
JRA-25 [7]
JRA-55 [8]
20CR [9]

Shared variables include, for example: wind, temperature, geopotential height, heat fluxes, momentum fluxes, etc…
Variables included are sufficient to compute detailed momentum budget either from the Eulerian-mean momentum equation or TEM momentum equation.
In addition to those variables, simple annular modes are also provided, as well as fluxes decomposed in the longitudinal wavenumber space.

Should you have any question regarding the data you can contact me at pmartineau(at)meteo(dot)mcgill(dot)ca or leave a reply on this post. Data will be available at this link.

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A new “wave” of interest for the polar vortex and Stratospheric Sudden Warming events

The recent cold weather in America (referred as the 2014 North American cold wave by some) has generated significant interest for the polar vortex in popular science articles. A large number of them attribute the cold weather to the polar vortex which undergoes what we may call a Stratospheric Sudden Warming (SSW) event [1], when the winds in the upper part of the atmosphere decelerate suddenly. Many of those online articles provide only obscure explanation of how the vortex breakdown may produce cold temperatures over America. The impact of stratospheric circulation on surface weather is after all still uncertain and is the topic of ongoing scientific research [2, 3].

According to our recent observations of stratospheric polar vortex, it is still too early to speak of a Stratospheric Sudden Warming event. Although the strength of the vortex decreased suddenly in the beginning of January, its overall strength did not reach the traditional magnitude used to define SSW events (a reversal of zonal wind at 60N and 10 hPa or a NAM index approximately below -3 for a “weak vortex event” [4]). There is no doubt however that the vortex has decelerated suddenly. Events of strong and rapid deceleration of the stratospheric vortex (Stratospheric Vortex Weakening (SVW) events) are also known to be accompanied by anomalous tropospheric circulation [5]

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The Northern Annular Mode (NAM) index at 10 hPa only shows positive values in the beginning of January.


Overall, NAM values went from positive to neutral in the stratosphere and from negative to neutral in the troposphere. Still too early to speak of downward influence.


Although it is still too early to refer to the evolution of the stratospheric vortex in early 2014 as Stratospheric Sudden Warming event, it will be interesting to follow the evolution of the stratospheric vortex in the following weeks. Also see the polar vortex animation of past SSW/SVW events!

Attending the WCRP Regional Workshop on Stratosphere-Troposphere Processes and their Role in Climate

Poster P-22 : The role of momentum forcing by planetary-scale waves in the onset of tropospheric circulation anomalies during stratospheric sudden warming events

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